You’ve come to the right place if you’ve ever wondered how tantric massage London feels. The first step is to understand the protocol. The protocol involves lying down and massaging the area you wish to massage. You should begin with the fingers and then work your way to the arms, back, legs, hips, feet, and even genitals.

Lingam massage

The primary purpose of lingam massage is to induce a state of relaxation. It involves applying pressure to your body’s key energy points. This massage can be used on all areas but it starts with the more intimate areas like the chest, legs, upper back, and legs. Only once the energy is controlled can the lingam be used on the deeper areas of the body.

A lingam massage is particularly useful when couples want to strengthen their bonds and regain their lost confidence. It can be used to improve sexual intuition and body language, as well as to resolve self-image and vulnerability. It can also be beneficial for improving a couple’s communication skills and developing mutual empathy.

When performed correctly, Lingam massage is both a therapeutic and erotic massage. In fact, it is an excellent way to welcome the soul. A skilled Lingam massage therapist will help the patient relax, and build up sexual energy. This allows sexual energy to flow freely inside the patient, which can lead to orgasms and magical moments. The lingam is considered to be a powerful storehouse of extraordinary energy and has numerous benefits for both men and women.

A lingam massage begins by a gentle, caring touch. A scented oil can be a great choice, as it can allow the fingers to glide easily over the body. Lavender is a great scent for this massage. It helps the partner to focus on the tactile sensations. Begin at the pubic bone, above the penis.

Tantric massage uses lingam massage as a common technique. The massage’s goal is not to induce sexual desire, but to help the man become more relaxed and to achieve a higher level of consciousness. It can help build intimacy between lovers and new partners. To get the best results, a Tantric massage specialist should be trained.

Yoni massage

Yoni massage is a part of tantric massage. It is a powerful technique that involves massaging the female genitals. Yoni, the Sanskrit name for the female genitals, is vital for women and provides vital energy. However, many women are unfamiliar with the tantric lifestyle and are not aware of the benefits of this massage.

Although yoni massage may stimulate orgasm, it can also help to release trauma emotions and promote emotional equilibrium. A therapist who performs this massage can help women release the emotions that may have been suppressing their sex life. There are two types: those that focus on stimulation and those that emphasize healing.

When you begin a yoni massage, you should start by setting your intention for the session. You should choose a private, comfortable space for the massage. A bed or floor can be used. Also, you can prepare the space with scented candles and create a warm environment. It is also helpful to avoid rushing the session.

Yoni massage can be beneficial for those who feel repressed sexually. It can help them to understand their bodies. These techniques can also be helpful for women who are going through painful periods. Sexual fulfillment can be achieved by understanding the mind and body. Yoni massage can be a powerful way to awaken your yoni.

Before beginning a tantric massage, you and your partner should prepare a special location. You should have enough space for you both to comfortably lie down. To create a calming atmosphere, you can use scented candles or warm, fragrant oils. Before the massage, the first part of the ritual requires you to say a few words of intent.

Bonus tantra techniques

Tantrics use the entire body during lovemaking. This uses the sexual energy to revitalize and focus the body for specific purposes. Tantrics pay attention to where one’s attention is during lovemaking. This is a crucial component of the art, since being present during lovemaking is important in tantra.

There are two kinds of breathing exercises: the root lock and the microcosmic orbit. These breathing techniques concentrate the flow of energy through the meridian channels. Massage can be done to the yoni (female reproductive organs) and the lingam(male reproductive organs). These can be done with a male or female partner.


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