PUBG Corporation, which developed and released this online game in 2018, will be the most popular game in 2022. This game can be played at various levels of difficulty, and it currently has 99 players on one map. However, PUBG Corporation has stopped publishing player counts. It will likely become even more popular, so stay tuned for updates! Read on for a brief history of the most popular online games in 2022.


PUBG is an incredibly popular game that has been gaining popularity worldwide. It’s now the most popular paid game on Steam, with over 360,000 concurrent players each day, according to Steam Charts. PUBG’s popularity has been driven by its realistic settings, in which players must survive for as long as possible while destroying all concealed adversaries. The game’s massive scale has also fueled its growth as an industry. It’s predicted that PUBG will be the most popular online game in 2022.

The game is also experiencing a spike in active players. Steam Charts shows an 8.78 percent increase for December. And the gains are continuing into January 2022. As the free-to-play version continues to grow in popularity, PUBG is sure to see a massive influx of users.

Meanwhile, the game’s developers have promised to give full-priced users tons of rewards.

League of Legends

The popularity of popular online video games has been growing in recent years, and League of Legends is no exception. With over two million players online every day, it is no wonder that the game is among the most popular multiplayer battle arena games in 2022. While some titles are relatively new, most have received updates that have maintained their player base and encouraged continued interest. Here are the games that could become some of the most popular online games of 2022.

As the game continues to grow in popularity, it will continue to be a favorite with gamers worldwide. Though League of Legends has been experiencing a drop in player count since its release in 2009, the game has returned to its former position by launching new content. This new version of the game has improved its overall player base with increased marketing and hosting of Events. The game has even spawned a Netflix series starring Chris Pratt and has been featured on numerous TV programs.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite has been widely hailed as one of the most popular online games of all time, and it has been a huge hit among gamers. Critics have lauded the game’s graphics, ease of use, multiplayer and art style. The game’s frequent updates and a massive player base have helped it rise to prominence. As a result, it quickly overtook rival game Battlegrounds in overall player count, surpassing 350 million by May of that year. In addition to its cult status, a number of celebrities have also lent their support to the game’s popularity.

The game was so popular that it has gone through several iterations since its launch. In 2017, Fortnite was pulled from Apple’s App Store because of serious financial issues, and it has a shrinking play area. Nonetheless, the game continues to thrive on Android devices, despite a decrease in popularity in 2020. Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has continued to update the game, but has not acknowledged the issues with its gameplay.

Call of Duty Warzone

The Call of Duty series will continue to evolve over the next few years, and Activision has outlined its plans for the next one. Among the titles slated for release in 2022 are the sequel to Modern Warfare and the stand-alone battle royale, Warzone. Warzone is set to feature a new map and an extra sandbox mode 사설토토. This will likely lead to an even higher player count than the first game.

While some players may be wary of a game that rehashes the same old formula, many players will find that the game is quite enjoyable and addictive. Warzone is free to play and has over six million active users. The game is available on a variety of gaming systems, including PC and Xbox, and has a high user base. It is highly recommended that people try Call of Duty Warzone before committing to it.

World of Warcraft

For 17 years, World of Warcraft has remained a popular online game, earning millions of players and subscriptions. Despite a lackluster year in 2018, it’s expected to continue to grow and see more updates in the years ahead. A recent poll found that Scandinavian players were the most passionate about the game. If the trends continue, World of Warcraft will remain one of the most popular multiplayer online games in 2022.

World of Warcraft has more than one million daily subscribers, and will reach 6 million after the Shadowlands expansion in 2020. The game currently has over ten million monthly subscribers, with the highest number of players at around 400,000-600,000. However, the game’s subscription model is unsustainable, and the developers must find other ways to keep the game relevant to the world. It isn’t clear how World of Warcraft will remain in the top spot in 2022, and there is no definitive answer. The game has a dedicated fan base and is projected to continue to grow.

The Most Famous Online Games in 2022