What are the Major Shipping Routes?

International shipping is always connected to movement of household goods and commercial cargo. There are many international shipping companies offering state of the art international cargo and freight shipping services to the individuals and import/export companies who are willing to transfer the household goods and commercial freight to the Tanzania and Liberia. The real value of international shipping comes from the effect whether you want to ship commercial cargo, vehicle, or general household goods to another country. Not all of the international shipping companies are offering moving and shipping services to Tanzania or Liberia. Some of the international shipping companies offer shipping to Tanzania, some of them to Liberia, and only few will be willing to offer the cargo and freight transfers to Liberia and Tanzania.

Shipping to Tanzania

Shipping household goods to Tanzania require 중국배대지 certain procedures to be followed strictly by the individual. The individual should have Passport, Residence permit, Immigration Permit and certificate of change of Residence or “Attestation reservation de Cale” in original. The inventory of goods prepared by the international shipping company should be in English and every little detail of the goods should be clearly mentioned. Furthermore, the inventory has to be produced in triplicate as well as dated and signed by the owner of goods. If your household goods have electrical items which are quite natural to have, definitely, you will require their respective size, make, model, and serial numbers.

The raw and restricted items which you have to take into consideration when shipping to Tanzania includes Tobacco products, Cosmetics, toiletries and perfumes, bicycles, audio, video and photographic equipment, provisions, gifts etc. Customs duty need to be paid on electrical items and other valuable furniture if they are not 6 months old. All of the new vehicles are subject to under taxes and therefore, make sure that you are prepared to pay their customs duty. When shipping to Tanzania, you also need to look into the household goods which are described under the prohibited items. These would largely include Weapons (including toys) and ammunition, birds, fish and trophies, animal skins and ivory, currency and securities, plants, seeds, seedlings, bulbs, unsought precious metals and precious stones, pornographic material, Insects, beeswax, condensed milk, alcohol etc.

Shipping to Liberia

Like shipping to Tanzania, when you are choosing to move to Liberia, you have to think seriously on There are several factors which you need to consider, but make sure that emphasis is laid on the customs regulations. It is very important that you ship only those types of cargo and household goods which are not salable in Liberia. Besides you also need to show the customs authorities on the certificate of residence change, and type of visa that you are holding under your possession. If you are shipping a brand new vehicle, whether it is Sedan, or Luxury vehicle, make sure that the commercial invoice is signed, sealed, and stamped and also it should bear the year model, color, chassis number, engine capacity, and B/L in original

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