Austin apartments are in high demand due to various factors such as the location of the city, ideal neighborhoods, the growing economy, the presence of the University of Texas and other educational institutions, and the existence of several major technology companies such as Dell and Motorola.

Austin apartments come in many sizes, ranging from three- or four-bedroom efficiency types. There are several apartment complexes in and around Austin that house multiple apartments. These communities contain apartments that have all the amenities such as patios, balconies / patios, swimming pools, beautiful landscaping, laundry services, window treatments, and club houses. Most modern apartment complexes also have high-tech facilities such as high-speed Internet connectivity, fitness centers, limited-access gates with high-security features, and shopping malls. Rents for these apartments range from $ 500 for a one bedroom apartment to $ 2500 for a three bedroom apartment, depending on the facilities and services provided and the location of the apartment.

The rental / leasing conditions of the apartments also vary slightly depending on the apartment complex. Most apartments require a security deposit which can range from $ 99- $ 300. The rental period can range from 6 months to one or even two years / 26 apartment for rent in accra months. Some apartments are also available for short term rentals of up to 3 months, but they are a bit more expensive. The Texas legislature defines various rights and obligations for both tenants and residents. For example, landlords must repay the security deposit to the tenant who complies with the terms of the lease within 30 days of the move. If the landlord does not do this, the tenant can sue the landlord three times the amount of the rent. Other important considerations provided by the Austin Apartment Association include the provision of smoke detectors for each apartment, a lock on each door and a latch on each window. Rental terms and forms are also provided by the Austin Apartment Association and the Texas Apartment Association. The rental or lease application requires a credit, income and criminal record check. No one can be denied access to an apartment for reasons of religion, race or sex.

The general aspects to consider when renting an Austin apartment are the type of neighborhood (crime rate, school system and amenities in the area); housing priorities (pets allowed, extra parking space, apartment floor); other services within the apartment complex (such as laundry, leisure and health facilities); state of the property (state of the building, state of the land and landscape, etc.); safety aspects, public services and rental conditions.

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