The Apple App Store is the net marketplace in which 0.33 celebration developers can digitally distribute their packages for iOS gadgets (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch).

The App Store released July 10th, 2008. When it launched there had been a complete of 500 1/3 birthday celebration applications that had been developed for distribution to iOS users.

By January 22, 2011 the ten billionth app turned into pikashow downloaded and it is best continued to develop at an astronomical pace, topping 25 billion downloads simply this 12 months.

It’s end up pretty obvious that if you’re thinking about developing an app however unsure of the platform to develop it for, Apple is the handiest logical preference. Nothing against Android or the Windows smartphone but why restriction your ability percentage of the market, specifically in your first application. You’ll face more difficult opposition but with the right marketing plan and a innovative idea to your app, you will have a better ceiling for achievement.

The Storefront:

For the unware, the App Store is broken down into classes. When you open it up the you may begin in the Featured Section. There is a navigation panel with how to make stone in little alchemy buttons across the lowest of the app shop that’ll allow you to pick how you’ll navigate thru the app store.

Top Charts – Displays the top Free, Paid and Highest Grossing apps to be had at the App Store.

Categories – Breaks down every app with the aid of the kinds listed inside the App Store. Know those categories nicely, considering this could decide what type of app you may develop, and the marketplace you’re catering to.

Categories variety from Business managed wordpress hosting convesio to Education, Entertainment to Games or Productivity to Health and Fitness.

Featured – The apps on this phase are the fortunate few who’ve been selected through Apple’s Editors as new and remarkable. The publicity from being put front and middle within the App Store is as suitable as gold.

There’s also a search function to be had within the top proper nook so you’ll be able to search using key phrases to give you a better know-how of what’s already been created and what potential exist for your idea.


The pricing structure for apps can get a bit complicated but permit’s just say almost 75% of all apps downloaded are free, however the common price of all packages offered is $4.99. That’s not to mention you cannot make cash with a unfastened applications, in fact it’s pretty the opposite, through putting ads to your loose apps you could generate strong earnings. The simple breakdown of this pricing shape you will want to realize is 30 percent of all sales generated from your apps that sell in the app store is going to Apple and 70 percent goes to you.

App Store 101